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Are Old Stumps Littering Your Property? Our Experts Can Help!

Turn Unsightly Debris Into Nutrient Rich Mulch!

As long as old stumps are blighting your commercial or residential property, your landscaping will never live up to its full potential. The pitiful remnants of once grand trees, stumps are disagreeable eyesores that signal decay, neglect, and decline. These are all atmospheres that any commercial or residential property owner wishes to avoid, lest potential clients become discouraged or property values decrease. Fortunately, with the right equipment and expertise, old tree stumps can easily be removed. Even expansive tree stumps can quickly be dug up and turned into nutrient rich mulch, all with minimum inconvenience to you and your pocketbook.

Our Birmingham, AL Expert’s Stump Grinding Process

The stump grinding process of yesteryear was truly back-breaking labor; but professional tools have greatly eased the difficulty of this arduous process. Our Birmingham tree service experts use precision tools to cut stumps as close to the ground as possible. Once the stumps are leveled, we use special stump grinding tools to extract and destroy the remaining stump and its roots. The end result is a clear landscape and a pile of nutrient rich mulch. We’ll spread that mulch around your landscape, placing it near your other trees and plants to help maximize their growth potential. We’ll also fill in any holes left by the stumps we’ve removed, as well as take away any remaining debris.

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