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Kudzu: The Greatest Threat to Birmingham’s Trees?

As every Birmingham commercial or residential property owner knows, there are few greater threats to our landscape and ecosystem than kudzu. This creeping vine is perhaps one of the most successful invasive species the world has ever known, successfully taking over and decimating 15,000 new acres of American soil each year. Most of this devastation is concentrated in the southern United States, particularly in Birmingham.

Invasive plant species are no stranger to Birmingham, but the destruction kudzu causes to trees and other plant life is unique. Kudzu not only displaces native species with its relentless growth, it actively chokes the life out of any trees and plants it comes across. Once confronted with kudzu, Birmingham’s trees quickly find themselves overgrown with the creeping vine. Tree’s access to light, water, and nutrients is gradually cut off until the trees set into decline and die, becoming collapse risks on top of everything else. Unless stopped, kudzu will continue to grow at an incredible rate. One of the world’s fastest growing plants, kudzu can grow up to seven feet a week under the right conditions. Unfortunately for the people of  Birmingham, our weather frequently presents just such an environment. Don’t let kudzu destroy your trees and overrun your landscape! Call on Birmingham’s kudzu removal experts, and let us help keep your trees safe from harm!

Kudzu Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Our Birmingham Experts!

Contrary to popular belief, kudzu is not indestructible. There’s absolutely no reason for Birmingham’s commercial and residential property owners to put up with kudzu and its devastation, especially when our experts are here to help! They’ve been successfully removing kudzu from Birmingham’s ecosystem for over 18 years now, and they know all the tricks of the trade. It doesn’t matter how extensive your kudzu problem is, our tree service experts will still make quick work of your infestation.

Once our kudzu removal experts arrive on site, they’ll begin by clearing surface kudzu and seeking out root crowns. Root crowns, the source of kudzu infestations, must be completely destroyed in order to prevent regrowth. They are often deep underground and can be difficult for amateurs to locate and remove, but thankfully our tree service professionals have years of experience doing just that! Once we remove all your kudzu’s root crowns, we’ll destroy them to ensure their seeds have no chance to spread. We can then safely remove any trees killed by your kudzu, as well as grind any stumps.

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If you see kudzu on your property, please don’t hesitate to call us! When it comes to kudzu removal, nothing matters more than fast, decisive action––every day you delay kudzu removal is another day for infestation to spread and root crowns to burrow! Contact our Birmingham office today for information on kudzu removal! Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free estimate!

Remember: our estimates are 100% complimentary, so contact our office today! Our Birmingham tree experts proudly serve all of the surrounding areas, including Chelsea, Gardendale, Homewood, Hoover, and Vestavia Hills!


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